My Interview with a College Student Regarding Abortion.

Below you will find a link to an article that I was interviewed for. It’s by Elon University student, Alexandra Schonfeld. I’m always happy to give my personal testimony on my abortion experience, in hopes it will prevent even one woman from undergoing this horrific experience and committing this aweful sin.

Here are my full answers to the questions I was asked by Ms. Schonfeld and below that is her article, entitled ” Seeking and Abortion in the Bible Belt.”

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS w/ my responses-

1. Over the past year, how have you seen access to abortion in North Carolina, and nationwide change, if at all?

“In the past few years we’ve seen a trend of states enacting regulatory laws, individually. Currently I believe access to abortion nationwide is much unchanged. And in North Carolina, access is definitely there.”

2. For some people who are pro-choice, they believe that North Carolina upholds pretty restrictive legislation surrounding abortion including the 72 hour waiting period after counseling, and law that requires doctors to send ultrasounds of a fetus past 16 weeks to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services — what do you think of all this? What do you think of these guidelines put in place by the state surrounding abortion?

“As a woman who’s been through the harrowing experience of an abortion, I’m personally thankful to NC legislators for enacting the 72 hour wait. I believe it, at the very least, gives the woman a chance to take a deep breath and consider or reconsider her options in regard to her pregnancy. Perhaps she’ll be blessed to find a crisis pregnancy center, where she can obtain an ultrasound of her preborn baby…You know that old saying ” Act in haste, repent at leisure?” Well hopefully during this period she’ll decide for life- the life of her preborn baby and have little to later repent of. I hate to see a woman do as I did -pressure herself out of panic , fear, and outside pressure, and cave into a seemingly” quick fix” . Abortion is anything but a fix. It has such lasting repercussions.

Regarding the provision of ultrasounds to DHHS, it’s an important safeguard against providers breaking the law by performing latter- term abortions than the law allows. It’s accountability for the medical community involved in this contentious practice. In many people’s eyes, they’d have to question the ethics of a doctor even consenting to perform abortions in the first place- going against the Hippocratic Oath to -” first do no harm…” If they’re willing to take innocent life they may be willing to fudge the numbers, i.e. weeks of pregnancy, just to make another buck, perhaps? I refer you to Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, as case in point.”

3. Do you have an opinion on the Supreme Court judge nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his perceived opinion on abortion and roe v. wade?

“I really don’t have much comment on Kavanaugh. He himself is a bit closed- mouthed on Roe v. Wade calling it “settled law”, but I think we all know he’s a conservative with all that implies. We’ll see, I guess.”

4. What do you think about resources such as the North Carolina Abortion fund that help people who may not able to afford an abortion, fund abortions?

The Carolina Abortion Fund states the following on their Twitter- “We believe that income should not limit individuals’ ability to make reproductive decisions. ‘_ Carolina abortion fund.

“I actually believe the same. Just because a woman finds herself pregnant and yet has little means, doesn’t equate to her solving what she perceives as an insurmountable economic hardship, by terminating the life of her child. Sure this group wants to help her scrape together enough money to have her baby scraped out of her womb. But,let’s instead look around at all of the agencies and resources that exist to help this same woman keep her baby. This group promotes the idea of expanding Medicaid to pay for abortions. I point to, instead, Medicaid for pregnant women and children, which can help a woman pay pregnancy costs and help afterward with her child, if need be. And better yet, faith based organizations or the church, if you will, should and does show their love by supporting pregnant women via pregnancy centers which provide her with many baby items, counseling, education, and moral support.

My desire is to see a culture of life come into fruition. Our country’s current death culture is a dead-end no pun intended. We see the evil trickle- down from abortion in that life is cheaper and less meaningful all around. We as caring, justice-loving, peace makers must stop telling women that killing their babies will somehow lead them to a better life. That is a lie. Currently the U.S. is falling below population replacement numbers. God had intended these souls to be born to balance out…what abortion has created- the societal imbalance of an aging population with not enough young and strong base to carry on. So if economics is your thing, you should be pro- life! But , truly believe the law of our mutual Creator is written upon all of our hearts, let’s stop going against that law. Thanks.’


LINK to Elon’ s PENDULUM Newspaper-




March For Life 2009



January 22nd marks 2009 marks the 36th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision making abortion legal in the U.S.

Tomorrow the March For Life will culminate on the Mall in Washington D.C.  See invitation to President Barack Obama.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people would gather together in such numbers as we saw for this Presidents Inaguration?  Unfortunately, I doubt there will be upwards of two million people there to stand for the Preborn.  For March Route Map and further information see March For Life.

This is a time to stand up for the sanctity of Life and to defend the most innocent and helpless among us-The Unborn. If we don’t give them a voice, who will?

Let us prayerfully do all that we can to defend LIFE  in 2009!

What is the Cost of Abortion?

Statistics show that since the nationwide legalization of abortion due to Roe v. Wade in 1973, that nearly 40 Million abortions have been performed in the US alone.

Do we ever stop to think about what the Economic Impact is? What do 40 Million Lost lives mean? Everyone is bellyaching now about the so-called Recession that we are in. But did we bring it upon ourselves by aborting our future?

Here are just a few examples of 40 Million lost lives as relates to the economy:

40 Million Children’s parents not shopping for bottles, diapers, toys, booties, school books,etc.

Fewer teaching jobs, manufacturing jobs, health care jobs to produce goods for those 40 million missing persons, to teach them, or to keep them healthy.

40 million fewer teens filling summer and part-time labor needs

40 million   fewer workers earning, spending, saving, investing wages, paying taxes, adding mobility, adaptability, productivity to the labor force; training for the latest technology and occupational needs.

40 million fewer in labor force whose earnings will not go into Social Security pool to take care of our senior citizens, when they can no longer work

40 million fewer minds creating new knowledge.

Who knows if one of those aborted babies could have been another Einstein or someone who would have created the cure for cancer? I know it may soud trite, but it is true!

The losses our country has sustained due to legalized murder=ABORTION, are innumerable. There is simply no way to completely quantify or qualify what we, as a nation, have destroyed.

So, to those who think there is no cost for abortion. Think Again. The cost is real and can be measured in dollars if that helps you to see it better.

Lives and Economy Down the Drain