Here is what the abortion advocates believe and promote-YIKES!

This is quoted directly from the National Abortion Federation website under the FAQ section.

“For activists”

  • Why focus on abortion?

    Women’s ability to make decisions about their reproductive lives is deeply connected to their ability to exercise self-determination. Abortion is one of the ways that women achieve this, especially when other methods are denied or fail.

    Because of its unique place on the continuum of methods, abortion will always be a critical piece of a broader approach to women’s health and autonomy. As one of the most publicly politicized and stigmatized options for women, it is also one of the most difficult and fragile.

    International experience as well as the pre-Roe experience in this country shows that women will seek to terminate unwanted pregnancies regardless of legality. Ensuring that abortion is accessible and safe contributes to an environment in which women and girls can be their strongest, safest, healthiest and most fully-realized selves. “

We, as pro-life advocates, need to understand the rhetoric of the pro abortion agenda.  They obviously are deluded and deceived into believing many lies about why abortion is “good” for women. 

They speak about “self-determination” for women. Of course we all are endowed by God with a free will. But there are many spiritual and plain ethical reasons why abortion is a horrible way for women to exercise their wills. They are promoting the idea that women should use their free will and self-determined choices to kill their own children!  What end is this type of self determination going to get for a woman? From personal experience, I can tell you it winds up in death,pain,regret,sadness, and on and on (insert negative adjective).

The people and women who are employed by or volunteer for the National Abortion Federation must not be women who have had an abortion. Because, I believe if any of them had, then they could not in any shred of conscience promote abortion as a good and even liberating “choice” for a woman. It is very easy to stand for something philosophically or ideologically, but when the rubber meets the road, I wonder how many so-called “pro-choicers” chose to kill their unborn children?  I mean, I hear many women defend their “Right” to control their own bodies and obtain an abortion if and when they so choose, but how many actually go the abortion route?  That would be an interesting statistic to obtain…

The death industry is strong and smart. They are not running things on shoestring budgets. They are educated and sharp in their stance of pro-death/pro-abortion.

We, as pro-life advocates must learn a lesson from them in that way. We must educate ourselves, do fundraising for pro-life projects, ministries, CPC’s, etc.  We must be ready to defend Life when asked a question about our beliefs. We must know what our bible has to say about life, especially. The word of God is quick and sharper than any two-edged sword. And the Word of God will not return void, but will accomplish whatsoever God intends.

The bible says also that in all things we do, that we should do them unto the Lord, with fervent passion. I encourage us to not give up, but pray for wisdom, strength, and power to overcome this evil of abortion with the word of God and by the words of our own testimony.

Every Christian should have a testimony. Do not be ashamed to share yours. God can use it. Let us not be ashamed of God nor of His Word nor of what He has done in our personal lives, for His ultimate Glory!

Gnarly Abortion Testimony *(warning graphic content)

Abortion Testimony-Leslie Gydos

Well reading the other testimonies, mine is much the same. Those of you, who have been through it, know the pain. Mine was over 12 years ago. The pain fades a bit over time, though only through the Blood of Jesus and his mercy on our memories. When I got pregnant I was 24 years old. I had moved up to Philadelphia after graduating college. I went there to follow a boy, a man, I guess. He was 25 or so. I was in love with him and had dated and lived together with him for 3 years. I thought he was ideal. But he did not love me the same way. He had tried to tell me many times, but I was needy and clingy. I did not have a relationship with God or even know Him at the time. For my education, I had attended 2 liberal schools the first, a college, then I transferred to a big University where I met this Guy.

I followed him like a pathetic clinging vine to Philly. I got a job there at a big Investment Banking Firm and worked as Admin. Asst. to a senior VP. That was wild, working for Investment Bankers…learned a lot. Long story short. Later that year, I found out I was pregnant. His first thought was abortion. I was dumbstruck. I was in disbelief. Part of me really wanted to get married and have the baby.  But, because of my liberal, humanistic education and liberal/ somewhat feminist upbringing by a single parent. I honestly believed the lies I was told in Biology about the Fetus being a clump of cells and a “blob” really. So this was my background, thought-wise. Bad set-up for getting an abortion! Looking back upon this has angered me over the years, still knowing that Darwinism and Evolution are still being taught in our public schools. What a Tragedy!

Growing up I knew about Jesus. Heck, my birthday is at Christmas time. So Yeah, Baby Jesus, and “Jesus Loves Me, this I know…” But I did not KNOW HIM PERSONALLY. So I had the abortion. What a tragedy! Yes, I suffered, due to my ignorance. But it (the abortion) woke me up to the TRUTH (Jesus) and other truths about what Life really is.

 I guess when one experiences life being torn from one’s body in a violent murderous way, then one’s EYES ARE OPENED> But it was too late for my baby. The “doctor” did the “procedure” fast, probably because the doctor could not stand the continuous sounds of my loud SCREAMING. On the way to the “recovery” room I had to stop in the bathroom. There I found a piece of my baby’s skull inside of my vagina; it came out when I urinated. GNARLY HUH? WELL SATAN WAS HAVING A FIELD DAY WITH ME THAT DAY.

I will tell you- I went into that clinic thinking I would just ask some questions and find out more about abortion… When I walked in the clinic my mind was not made up, but once I was inside there was no escape for me! The people who worked there at the WOMEN’S PAVILLION, on Elm Street in Greensboro talked to me and coerced me along with my boyfriend into having the abortion. It was sort of like they describe a car accident. Things seemed unreal and seemed to be happening in slow motion. Things that happened should have made me run out of there, but I suppose a feeling of powerlessness came over me.  I heard the sound of the suction or vacuum machine, which they use to suction out the unborn babies, yet I stayed. I got an ultrasound so they could see the position of the baby (in order to efficiently kill it) I asked what the sex of the baby was. The staff person told me they were not allowed to tell me that. That was probably one of the worst parts-being denied the knowledge of knowing whether my child was a boy or a girl. In retrospect, I believe that had they told me the sex of the baby, I would not have been able to go through with it. But, of course, they are trained to lie, deny, in order to kill babies. One of the oddest parts of the whole clinic experiences was the woman who was in the abortion room with me and held my hand while my baby was being aborted.  I look back on that and wonder…Who was that woman? Why was she there? She really did not say anything, but looked in my eyes while I screamed and held my hand. I wonder if she was an angel in disguise or a demon in disguise. How did she have the guts to stand there and watch all of that happen, I still wonder? Either she was an angel of God, who was sent to be there perhaps to pray for me. Or she was a Pro-Choice volunteer, who really believed women had the right to kill their babies and she wanted to support that.  Maybe I will never know about her…And when I was finally allowed out of the “recovery” or post butchery room. I ran out of there as fast as I could and when I got to the stairwell, I was screaming at the top of my lungs. My boyfriend’s reaction to all this? He was laughing. I guess his mind could not comprehend what was happening with me, and he had the inappropriate emotional reaction of laughter. But to me that laugh was a laugh of satan. In retrospect I knew satan was laughing at me that day.

After the abortion, I had PTSD or PAS. I literally cried for three years solid.  Plus, I got Pelvic Inflammatory, severe pelvic pain, and spotting. Only Jesus was able over time to heal me of those wounds (mental, spiritual, physical, emotional).  But I have to tell you people- abortion messes with your mind BIG TIME> The only way back was JESUS. I don’t know how a woman can cope with what she has done, without the redemptive power of Jesus!

I hope my story is illustrative of the reality of abortion. This is real hell on earth for women and death for their unborn babies. One cannot understand if one has no reference point, so I hope my story will give you a reference point.

 If one grows up without a Father in the home and a single mother who must work full time to make ends meet; A girl can grow up with such little self worth that she can find herself in the place of an unplanned pregnancy.

From other testimonies I have read many women say they were stupid. Well, I am sure you felt that way. But you need to also realize you were also a victim, you were deceived, at least in part. Even if you say you “knew” what you were getting into and did it anyhow> Until that horrible violation happens- you truly don’t and cannot know what ABORTION is. I once called it being raped by Satan. The Death spirit is most definitely present in the abortion chamber. It is a satanic place. What did he do in there to us? He robbed, killed, and destroyed our babies. The enemy tried to get our souls!  But the good and awesome news is that his time is short and satan will never win!  Jesus Rules and HE is coming soon.

I hope that the poor souls including myself that committed the sin of sex outside of marriage or whatever other sins and mis-fortunes and snares of satan lead us to allow this unthinkable horror to happen to our bodies and minds; That we can be and are now FREE IN JESUS. His Blood washes away all sin, even the sin abortion.

Please if you do not have a saving knowledge of Jesus, cry out to Him now ask forgiveness for all of your sins. He will come into your heart and life and SAVE YOU for all eternity with HIM in HEAVEN.

I did it over 12 years ago. And though I truly regret the abortion, I don’t regret that my Savior used that wretchedness to save a wretch like me!

Praise Jesus!
Leslie Gydos  


Intelligence or Ignorance?

I just read a posted question from a young woman on livejournal she asked:  “Are there any Crisis Pregnancy Care Centers around here that don’t have a religious affiliation or try to influence your decision on women’s choice issues? I was about to go to Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center then I was warned how strictly evangelical it was, and therefore heavily anti-choice and I wasn’t interested in that mess. Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

I know personally the confusion a young woman is facing when she finds out she is pregnant and it is unplanned. But I have to say it really angers me that “Planned” Parenthood has become the default place for  women to go. These young women are programmed their whole lives by the entertainment industry, news media, academia etc. that Planned Parenthood is good. This is a lie. This lie carries on to further, that Planned Parenthood=Good * Pregnancy Care Centers=Bad.  This is such an illustration of what the Bible says that will occur in these end days. Isaiah 5:20 illustrates what God thinks of this: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Can you imagine how twisted the minds of young people have become? This poor girl apparently thinks that a Pregnancy Care Center is evil  in their mission of  trying to help women through an unplanned pregnancy situation with love, free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, wise counsel… And yet she and many think erroneously that Planned Parenthood is good. Planned Parenthood does sound nice, I suppose. It is a very euphemistic name or “eugenic” name to be more correct. But what they do is refer women and young girls for ABORTIONS. And that is all they do. Other than giving out free birth control pills and encouraging women to be as sexually free as they wish. And when their “sexual freedom” has conceived via sin of fornication a human life, then Planned Parenthood conveniently sends them to a place where they can destroy the evidence of their sins i.e. their unborn babies.

Our country has been going downhill and lying to its children for so long that the young people really do see Good as Evil and Evil as Good. Woe unto this country. One landmark in our degradation was when the US took prayer out of schools in 1963. One can see the downward spiral that has occurred from that alone. Not to mention teaching the kids in public schools the Theory of Evolution as if it were absolute fact and scientific truth.

I must say that being taught  Evolution really did mess up my mind and helped to shape my whole worldview. I can remember taking Honors Biology in 1986 with Ms. Hanes. She stood there and showed us the drawings of Ernst Haeckel. A German Evolutionary Biologist from the 19th century.

Haekel’s postulation used to be called the “recapitulation theory”. It has long been eliminated from “real” scientific literature, but it is still being presented as a scientific reality by some evolutionist publications, including school textbooks. And it was so in my middle school text book in 1986.  The term “recapitulation” is a condensation of the dictum “Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”.

This theory of Haeckel’s postulates that living embryos re-experience the evolutionary process that their pseudo-ancestors underwent. He theorised that during its development in its mother’s womb, the human embryo first displayed the characteristics of a fish, and then those of a reptile, and finally those of a human.

It has since been proven that this theory is completely bogus.It is now known that the “gills” that supposedly appear in the early stages of the human embryo are in fact the initial phases of the middle-ear canal, parathyroid, and thymus. The part of the embryo that was likened to the “egg yolk pouch” turns out to be a pouch that produces blood for the infant. The part that had been identified as a “tail” by Haeckel and his followers is in fact the backbone, which resembles a tail only because it takes shape before the legs do.

These are universally acknowledged facts in the scientific world, and are accepted even by evolutionists themselves. George Gaylord Simpson, one of the founders of neo-Darwinism, writes: Haeckel misstated the evolutionary principle involved. It is now firmly established that ontogeny does not repeat phylogeny. (For full article see expert from book Harunyahya).

I mention this scientific stuff because, again, as I said, it affected me and my worldview and thusly my life-choices. As an intelligent and bookish pre-teen taking an Honors Biology class, I took what they taught me as fact.  Now I see that I was lied to and deceived mostly because the people that were teaching me were also lied to and deceived and were simply repeating and teaching what they had been taught as fact i.e. Darwinism and “Evolution” the theory.

I shudder to think how many public schools still teach Evolution as fact. I know that in recent years there has been some progress in persuading some to also teach Intelligent Design. But this is limited. And so much damage has already been done.

Is our nation going to be like the nation Israel? In Isaiah Chapter 5. God clearly shows us that though Israel was planted as a beloved vineyard, that it brought forth wild grapes. Isn’t that just like the U.S.? God has so richly blessed and cared for this country and planted it as a Christian Nation from its inception. But look at it now. Wild, Wild, Wild…. And God says in Isaiah 5: 20-23  Woe, Woe Woe!

5:20  Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

5:21 “Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!”

5:22 “Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink

5:23 “Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!”

It goes on to say in verse 25: “Therefore is the anger of the Lord kindled against his people, and he hath stretched forth his hand against them: and the hills did tremble, and their carcases were torn in the midst of the streets. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.”

If our Holy and Righteous Lord has stretched out his hand in anger to Israel, then what do you think He will do to a nation who teaches lies and does abominations such as mass murder of innocents?

I think we, as a nation, have been warned. But if we go on with Pride and Impudence our county will continue to be destroyed, even utterly. God is not mocked.