Why ask forgiveness for a medical procedure?

Do I need to be forgiven for having a gall stone removed? No, that’s not what I mean….

In the past 37 years since abortion became legal nationally due to the Roe V. Wade decision, over 50 Million unborn babies have had their lives snuffed out.

As much as we who are ProLife think about those precious innocent babies.  Do we stop to really think about those women who lost those babies due to abortion?

In abortion there are two victims. One is left living (usually) and the other is left dead. But the mother, who must go on living with the knowledge that she chose to terminate the life of her own child is often tortured. And many don’t realize they have committed a sin. Our culture has called abortion a “Medical Procedure”.  The truth is that abortion is a Killing.  The killing is not just of the unborn child within the womb. Other deaths take place. Often the death of the spirit of that woman takes place. She is so wounded by the abortion experience that her life is altered forever.

Women need healing and hope after an abortion. But due to the pain, shame, and guilt, most women may keep their abortion(s) a secret.  They hold in the pain. The pain does come out in many ways, however. These women often lose their relationship with the father of the baby that was aborted. They then may go on to have serial relationships which are unhealthy or even abusive, since often low self-esteem results from an abortion. Other women may turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. And others yet may harden their hearts and conscience and try going on like nothing happened.

The women have been lied to and duped by this culture of death. They are suffering and many don’t know where to turn for relief.

As a woman who has gone the through the torture of abortion personally, I can tell you there is only one place or really one person to turn to that is JESUS.  He is the only one capable of taking away from you the sin of abortion. You see, when a woman makes the choice to kill, she has the blood of her unborn baby on her hands. That is innocent blood. So you see that is why you feel so badly. It’s why you need to drink, or do drugs, or have relationships, or sex to try to brush away that guilty stain on your heart and mind.

You cannot do it.  Jesus can. He died a horrible death on a Roman Cross to take upon Himself the responsibility for what you have done. Can you believe it? Many cannot.  It sounds too simple, right? Or maybe it sounds too good to be true? Or maybe it sounds like a Religion? Rationalizations can be innumerable. But Jesus is none of those things. He is a person. He is the Savior of you, if you will only call out with a mustard seed (tiny bit) of belief in Him, then He will show himself to you, personally. You can ask him for forgiveness. You need to ask. It is called Repentence. We cannot and will not be forgive unless we ask for it. That is the Free Will that God put in each of us.  He forgave me. He will do it for you-when you choose to ask Him.

The only way Jesus will not come and cleanse and forgive you is if you are unwilling.  Some are too proud. Some are too smart or educated. Some believe there are many paths to God or heaven. Some think they are “good” people. Some just push the pain away and believe they did nothing wrong, it was a blob of tissue;just a medical procedure.  You know in your heart of hearts it was so much more.

I am so grateful that Jesus loved me so much that he drew me to himself with his great Love.  He does that. He draws people through his Goodness and Mercy.

In  our culture if someone commits a homicide. Lets say goes up to someone and shoots them with a gun. That person is guilty of murder, and is punished. Yet our culture legalized, condones and even promotes murdering the most helpless of all.  And the only punishment for the doctors and women is perhaps a guilty conscience, if that.

I hope you will think about what I have said. Let it really sink in to your heart and mind. Maybe you are a person of another religion. Maybe you don’t believe in God’s existence. Or maybe you believe in many paths of righteousness that can lead to “God” as you see Him or Her or It.

Whatever the case may be in your personal life. All you need to do is sit on your bed and sincerely (verbally or silently) say “Jesus, if you are real, as others believe. Then please show yourself to me. ” He will begin in perhaps subtle ways to draw you. You will see His faithfulness. Open your heart and you will see.

It may sound silly, but again, it’s the mustard seed of faith.  And He hears you when you call. He loves you. He created you. He knew you before your were born and even before this earth was created.

He wants to make your life whole again. He wants you to know His Great Love and Forgiveness. We all need forgiveness because none of us has lived a perfect life. And we cannot be good enough to earn it. It is through His sacrifice that we can make it here in this life and most importantly to Eternity with Him in Heaven.  And you definitely want to end up in Heaven because that is where your baby is, with Jesus. The innocent are gathered around the Father’s throne in heaven. If you choose Christ you will be reunited with your aborted (unborn) child.

May His Holy Spirit touch you now, that you Believe.

In Jesus Name.

A High and Difficult Calling…

The following is based on the bible verses from Matthew Chapter 5 verses 41-48  This is part of a bible study I am doing. 

These are the words of Jesus:

v.41  And whosoever shall compel you to go a mile, go with him two miles.

v.42  Give to him that asks you, and from him that would borrow of you, turn not away.

v.43  You have heard that it has been said, You shall love you neighbor, and hate your enemy.

v.44  But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you;

v.45  That you may be the children of you Father which is in heaven: for he makes his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust.

v.46  For if you love them which love you, what reward have you?  Do not even the publicans (tax collectors)  the same?

v.47  And if you salute your brothers/ friends only, what do you more than others? Do not even the publicans do so?

v.48  Be you therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

The above verses are an illustration of what Christian Love is supposed to be.  Are we there yet? No, obviously not.  This kind of “perfect love” is very difficult for us sinful people to show.  We are called here to show “Agape” type of love, which is a Godly type of love. This type of love is so vastly different from any type of human or fleshly love, that many cannot even comprehend it.  Really, the only way, to my mind, that one can comprehend this type of love is to know the ONE who loves this way, that is Christ.  Without His example, people are naturally clueless about this “Agape” love.

We all know that it is easy to love those people who are kind, generous, giving… But we also know that it quite hard and even impossible at times to try loving people who are mean, angry, hateful.  But Jesus says that if we love those that love us, then what credit is it to us? That is easy, He says.  

Jesus even instructs his followers to bless those who curse us.  Wow!  This is indeed a high calling. When we get cursed out, or done wrong in some way- our natural tendency is to curse the other person back. We have a human nature that wants to give tit for tat/ get even. The only way a human can do what God is asking here is via His Holy Spirit which indwells the believer and by His Grace which HE freely gives. And even so, one must be submitted to Christ and seek wisdom in cases such as this.   We do not see things as God sees them so going against our “human” i.e. sinful nature is very hard even in the best circumstances. And if you are a Christian you will be tried on this point.

In verse 45 it says that when we do this (i.e. behave kindly in the face of mistreatment) then it shows whose children we are. It shows others that we are indeed children of our Father in Heaven. And perhaps through our loving actions and reactions to “difficult” people, we will be able to show God’s love to them and hopefully win them to Christ.

To sum up, we are actually called to perfection. Whoa!  We are to be “little christs”.  That is the what the word Christian means. And once, again one cannot do this unless and until one knows the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. That means being in-dwelt by His Holy Spirit and being fully surrendered in mind, body, and soul to Him and His Grace and Wisdom and Love.

I hope that if you are not already a Christian, that you will perhaps have an encounter with another Christian who will be able to show you this type of love, so that you can believe it is REAL and that God/ Jesus is REAL. 

I feel that Christians fall short, and that is sad- because we may be losing opportunities to win souls. And that is what we are told to do. It is the Great Commission for believers. I pray we will step up to this high calling by God’s wonderful grace.

May the Love of Christ be yours today.

Does God Love Me After Abortion?

This was a Google search that someone entered today.  I guess they looked at my blog as one result from their Google search on the question above.

But this question made me think about the answer…The answer is YES.  God loves you no matter what.  Does he forgive you? Well, yes, however one must ask God to forgive, I believe. This is part of what the bible calls repentence.  If we confess our sins then He is just and faithful to forgive us and cleanse us from all sin and unrighteousness.

To you who have had an abortion and have asked for forgiveness and turned to God. I would strongly encourage you to ask prayerfully for Jesus to come into your heart and life and save you from your self and your sins and ask Him to become the Lord of your life. This means that you no longer do things according to your whims or ideas, but you begin to learn how to live according to God’s will and ways. You will learn of His ways in His word-the Bible. It is important to begin to read your bible. Perhaps starting with the book of John (in the Gospels). If at first you do not understand everything you are reading, don’t worry, many people don’t.  But you can ask the Holy Spirit (that is Jesus’ Spirit & our Helper) to enlighten your mind to understand what you are reading. In other words read prayerfully. In order to grow, you need to get into a Godly and Bible Based church. This requires some discernment, which God will also give to you. 

The broken-heart and pains that result from an abortion are not healed over night. It will probaby take some time, as it did for me. But if you stick with Jesus he will indeed heal you. The bible says Jesus is the Great Physician. It is also written that He took the stripes on his back and bled for our healing.

You may continue to have guilt, sadness, anger, even physical problems. This is normal. You are going to go through a grieving process and your body must heal from the trauma too. You have just lost a child; And in a horrible way. But, the Bible tells us that there is now therefore no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus.

Many Crisis Pregnancy Centers offer Post Abortion Counseling. This may be an option for you. Or the Lord may lead you through His own unique healing process, as he did with me. But either way, it is important to seek the healing actively. Don’t repress it. If you do it will come out in other more unhealthy ways. Some people have had PAS or Post Abortion Syndrome. This is a depression syndrome, and leads some women to try to escape their pain and grief through alcohol, drugs,relationships,or other self-destructive behaviors.  Please don’t go down that road.

I want you to know that God has your baby. The soul of your innocent child is with God in Heaven. I know this for sure because I was blessed to have a dream about it. In my dream I saw a vision of Jesus. I could not see his face, but he was all light and he was walking toward me and as he got closer I saw that he had my baby in his arms. Jesus embraced me and at the same time he gave me my baby. I have never felt so happy.

No book I ever read made me believe this, but God in his mercy showed me in this dream/ vision.  But if you yourself are not saved how will you be able to go to Heaven to be with your baby when you leave this earth?

It is imperative that you ask Jesus to become your Savior and Lord. We all need forgiveness for sins and He is the only way to Heaven.

Don’t condemn yourself, God does not condemn you. And don’t let the judgment of others derail you from the truth. I hate to say it, but sometimes, even in the churches, you will find some people who are less forgiving than Jesus is, when they know you’ve had an abortion. But forget their judgment. Learn who you are and who you can become in Christ. He still has a wonderful plan for your life.

Give your life and the life of your unborn baby to Him. You will never regret it.  And you will see you baby boy or girl in Heaven and live with them for eternity.

*You can read my own testimony (experience) with abortion on this blog.