Abortion Devalues Life at Every Age and at Every Stage

Recently I have started working part-time at a local gym organization in the childcare room.  It is a sort of “drop in daycare” situation. The children are only allowed to be there for a maximum of two hours.  They are left there for the purpose of their parents going to work out/ exercise.  This sound perfectly reasonable and fine, does it not? I thought so too.

But when I started working  there my heart really went out to these little kids left there to be cared for by strangers who are paid minimum wage.  One thinks two hours is nothing, right? I agree, if the kid is there while their stay at home mommy goes for a stress-relieving work out, its fine. But some of those little ones,( 2 years old), have already been in a daycare/ playschool all day then have to come to this facility for another shuffling about. It is truly something that touches me deeply.  I was one of those kids.

My parents divorced when I was 2 years old. So this left my mom to be a single parent who worked full-time as a high school teacher. I had to get up early in the morning, many times one of the first kids to arrive at daycare and later at school. I can remember being at the daycare and crying for my mommy, feeling so desperate, knowing she was not coming. I would even day-dream and plot my escape from the place. I figured how to jump the fence and I thought I could run to my mom’s school and be with her. Of course this never happened.  Later when I was school aged, I had to go to a Y afterschool program and I was often the last one picked up. It was really traumatic for me. I always felt insecure, wondering if and when my mommy was coming.

This new job really touched some deep memories and hurts in me. Especially when I would see a little girl tune up, crying, for mommy. I held her and told her I loved her,not like her own mommy, but that I care and she is safe. The sad thing is that most of the women who work in there are not like me, with a heart for the children. They seems to be a real malaise and laissez faire attitude is seems.

How tragic for the generations of children, raised by strangers, since the early 1970’s when women’s liberation and legalized abortion all came about. And of course divorce is a major culprit in the neglect of children. Fathers are absent and mothers do what they feel they must to get by and provide for children and cover for coward men who abandon their children.

Again, I ask who are the victims? They all are, really. But the saddest are the little innocent ones shuffled about like so much chattel. Children are not “things” they are people made in the image of God. They are precious, innocent, and sweet. And most of all they are in need of loving care from their own mothers and fathers or grandparents.

Does anyone really think that a stranger who is often paid minimum wage or barely above, who is saddled with too many kids to handle can provide ANY level of CARE?

I am overcoming the scars from my childhood,through the Grace of Jesus, my Savior. And I am grateful to have LIFE. At the time I was born, it was just shortly before Roe v. Wade became national law. So many of my generation and subsequent generations never took a breath.

The horrible abomination of abortion devalues human life not only in the womb by snuffing it out. It also continues that same lack of worth of human beings after they are here. Children are so often seen as less than a person, or a problem to deal with, or worse. We can see it also with the aged. They are put into nursing homes to “someone else’s problem”. So at the beginning of LIFE and at the end of LIFE these precious souls are abandoned to happenstance and chance in institutions, to be “cared for” by strangers. How sad! How wrong!

God loves the helpless ones. He highly values their lives. They are precious in His sight. Why are they not precious in our collective sight? Are we no longer a Christian country? I think not! As long as innocent blood is being shed via abortion in the USA, God is never going to Bless us. He hates all of our murderous abomination. The souls of the innocent cry out to God day and night for JUSTICE. And, people, God will bring JUSTICE, lest we repent.

The reason many won’t care about the topics I have mentioned is because they do not involve making money, gaining pleasure, and gaining self-fulfillment. To change things people must go back to the BIBLE and stop living for SELF and temporal PLEASURE. MONEY must cease to the this country’s GOD!

Jesus said “suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven” (Mark 10:14).  Jesus told us to be as little children. We are to be wise as serpents yet innocent as lambs.

Jesus has his flock. He will have those come unto him. And to any who would prevent such As it is written; ‘Better a millstone be hung around their neck and they be cast into the sea (Luke 17:2).”

United States of America: Are you ready for that Millstone? Think you can swim with it?

Pray for repentance and heart revival  for this country,

God Bless.

Don’t get too old they may kill you!

This article found at Life News http://lifenews.com/bio2555.html is sickening, yet true.  I know about this topic of human euthanasia first hand. I specify “human” euthanasia because usually that term is used to refer to the “putting down” of animals, when they are sick.

Humans are not animals. Humans are created in the image of God and the killing of a human is MURDER. The killing of elderly is rampant in many hospitals. I should know. It happened to my own beloved grandfather. He was 88 years old and had mild Alzheimers when he had a bad fall and broke his femur (big leg bone). The surgery took several hours and when he came out they had him on morphine so he was heavily sedated. But besides the heavy sedation he was, afterall, 88 years old and was recovering from a major surgery. I thought ” Give the man a break here…” 

Only a few days, not even a week had passed since he’d had surgery and he was having some trouble swallowing solid foods. But that was likely due to the soreness from the anesthesia tube they used during surgery. My family reacted very strongly and negatively to the issue of him not eating. Of course they were feeding him intrevenously with nutrients and liquids. 

He was not talking much. He tried to talk, but mostly it came out garbled. This again precipitated an adverse and upsetted reaction from my family members. They were feeling “Oh my, he can’t eat, he can’t talk!”…. And they carried this out to the “nth degree” of negativity.  But it had only been days and the poor man had not even had a chance to come out from the anesthesia from a 3 hour long surgery not to mention the morphine’s effects and his age.

So after a few more days the hospital said they were ready to release my granddad. This is the ususal procedure, when an elderly person is recovering from surgery. The hospital cannot house that many people so they send them to a rehab facility to recover fully. And that was the plan for my granddad. But he never made it to the rehab facility.

My family members determined with complicity from the doctor that “he just would not fully recover from the fall and resulting surgery and that if he did his mind would be gone completely”…(I am paraphrasing here). I begged my family (those who had decision making power) to let him live. I said that I would take care of him myself. I said I would go every day to the rehab facility and sit with him and make sure he was recovering and being treated well.

But no, it was already decided “George would not want to go on like this”… So the doctor ordered his fluids and intrevenous iv to be removed. It did not take more that a day or two for him to die of dehydration along with the sedation effects of the morphine. How tragic. This man meant more me than any man before or since. He was a Godly and a sweet loving grandfather to me. To see this happen to him broke my heart. And it did take me some time to forgive those who made the decision to kill him.

I just keep on praying that those who kill will repent to God. But unfortunately living in the culture that we do, many see nothing wrong with what happened to my granddad. People justify it. They say “Well, he led a long and good life..” Blah..Blah..Blah….. Who is to say, but God, that it is someone’s time to go? I understand God allows this but I do not believe it was His will, from what I read in my bible.

In our country you are nothing if you cannot walk, talk, and look and act healthy (oh, and young) and perfect in every way. But to God, evey life is sacred and special.

I pray this country will repent to God and stop murdering unborn babies and the elderly. Stop deciding for others and stop playing God.

We are not God…We must stop acting like we are!