Why ask forgiveness for a medical procedure?

Do I need to be forgiven for having a gall stone removed? No, that’s not what I mean….

In the past 37 years since abortion became legal nationally due to the Roe V. Wade decision, over 50 Million unborn babies have had their lives snuffed out.

As much as we who are ProLife think about those precious innocent babies.  Do we stop to really think about those women who lost those babies due to abortion?

In abortion there are two victims. One is left living (usually) and the other is left dead. But the mother, who must go on living with the knowledge that she chose to terminate the life of her own child is often tortured. And many don’t realize they have committed a sin. Our culture has called abortion a “Medical Procedure”.  The truth is that abortion is a Killing.  The killing is not just of the unborn child within the womb. Other deaths take place. Often the death of the spirit of that woman takes place. She is so wounded by the abortion experience that her life is altered forever.

Women need healing and hope after an abortion. But due to the pain, shame, and guilt, most women may keep their abortion(s) a secret.  They hold in the pain. The pain does come out in many ways, however. These women often lose their relationship with the father of the baby that was aborted. They then may go on to have serial relationships which are unhealthy or even abusive, since often low self-esteem results from an abortion. Other women may turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. And others yet may harden their hearts and conscience and try going on like nothing happened.

The women have been lied to and duped by this culture of death. They are suffering and many don’t know where to turn for relief.

As a woman who has gone the through the torture of abortion personally, I can tell you there is only one place or really one person to turn to that is JESUS.  He is the only one capable of taking away from you the sin of abortion. You see, when a woman makes the choice to kill, she has the blood of her unborn baby on her hands. That is innocent blood. So you see that is why you feel so badly. It’s why you need to drink, or do drugs, or have relationships, or sex to try to brush away that guilty stain on your heart and mind.

You cannot do it.  Jesus can. He died a horrible death on a Roman Cross to take upon Himself the responsibility for what you have done. Can you believe it? Many cannot.  It sounds too simple, right? Or maybe it sounds too good to be true? Or maybe it sounds like a Religion? Rationalizations can be innumerable. But Jesus is none of those things. He is a person. He is the Savior of you, if you will only call out with a mustard seed (tiny bit) of belief in Him, then He will show himself to you, personally. You can ask him for forgiveness. You need to ask. It is called Repentence. We cannot and will not be forgive unless we ask for it. That is the Free Will that God put in each of us.  He forgave me. He will do it for you-when you choose to ask Him.

The only way Jesus will not come and cleanse and forgive you is if you are unwilling.  Some are too proud. Some are too smart or educated. Some believe there are many paths to God or heaven. Some think they are “good” people. Some just push the pain away and believe they did nothing wrong, it was a blob of tissue;just a medical procedure.  You know in your heart of hearts it was so much more.

I am so grateful that Jesus loved me so much that he drew me to himself with his great Love.  He does that. He draws people through his Goodness and Mercy.

In  our culture if someone commits a homicide. Lets say goes up to someone and shoots them with a gun. That person is guilty of murder, and is punished. Yet our culture legalized, condones and even promotes murdering the most helpless of all.  And the only punishment for the doctors and women is perhaps a guilty conscience, if that.

I hope you will think about what I have said. Let it really sink in to your heart and mind. Maybe you are a person of another religion. Maybe you don’t believe in God’s existence. Or maybe you believe in many paths of righteousness that can lead to “God” as you see Him or Her or It.

Whatever the case may be in your personal life. All you need to do is sit on your bed and sincerely (verbally or silently) say “Jesus, if you are real, as others believe. Then please show yourself to me. ” He will begin in perhaps subtle ways to draw you. You will see His faithfulness. Open your heart and you will see.

It may sound silly, but again, it’s the mustard seed of faith.  And He hears you when you call. He loves you. He created you. He knew you before your were born and even before this earth was created.

He wants to make your life whole again. He wants you to know His Great Love and Forgiveness. We all need forgiveness because none of us has lived a perfect life. And we cannot be good enough to earn it. It is through His sacrifice that we can make it here in this life and most importantly to Eternity with Him in Heaven.  And you definitely want to end up in Heaven because that is where your baby is, with Jesus. The innocent are gathered around the Father’s throne in heaven. If you choose Christ you will be reunited with your aborted (unborn) child.

May His Holy Spirit touch you now, that you Believe.

In Jesus Name.

Roe V. Wade Anniversary-Speech 2010


Good Evening and Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am blessed to be speaking before you once again tonight as we commemorate those precious lives lost to abortion and pray for and end to this evil practice.

After many years, thirteen to be exact, of wanting to have a baby God has blessed me miraculously. The Bible speaks of the “manifold grace of God” (1 Peter 4:10) My 8- month old twins arrived in April by the abundant grace of God.

The path of events over time that led to me giving birth to my son and daughter is so amazing that only God could have orchestrated it, and I can inly attempt to tell you about what God has done.  The maxim “truth is stranger than fiction” definitely applies to my life and specifically to my fertility, or the lack there of, and finally to the birth of my twins being conceived and received with no artificial medical means.

It was 1996 when I had my unplanned pregnancy and after much agonizing, and fears within and pressure from without, I decided on abortion.  Ever since that horrible day when I chose to legally kill — and it was my choice, made possible by pro-choice, pro-infanticide laws — my unborn baby, I desperately wanted to have a baby.  Afterwards there was a hole in my heart and in my life. After what I had done I was damaged — physically, emotionally, spiritually- and it seemed that this damage would be  permanent. It also seemed to me due to many “female problems” that I would I probably never be able to get pregnant again.

But as the Bible tells us, in Psalm 34:18 “The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.” and the as a result of the complete brokeness brought about by the abortion, I honestly prayed and received Jesus Christ as my Savior and LORD, to forgive me and lead me. God will and has worked out for good what the enemy meant for evil, if we love and obey Him (Romans 8:28). The decision for Christ made me a child of God, and was the first step of an incredible journey which has most recently brought a baby boy and a baby girl into my life.

The thirteen year period, between the time that I had the abortion at age 24, up till the time I gave birth to my twins at age 37, was a path I traveled with Jesus.  Though my husband and I — amidst many difficulties — tried to get pregnant, it was to no avail, until I finally gave up and prayed to God. I told the Author of life that although he knew my heart’s desire, yet I would accept the possibility that he did not have children in my future. And not long after is when I found I was pregnant. And when the ultrasound showed that we were having twins we were in amazement! There is victory in surrender to Jesus no matter what.

Of course we were thrilled when we found out the news. My husband and I began to think about where we would go for the prenatal care, as taking into consideration my previous trauma we wanted to find someone who was going to be caring and sensitive to me. We also needed a doctor who specialized with multiple births.

We started out with Womens’ Hospital High Risk Group. As you may or may not know, when a woman goes to an obstetrical practice she is shuffled around to see all the doctors in their group since they don’t know who will be on duty at the time of the birth. Each doctor needs to be familiar with the woman’s case. To make a long story shorter,  we wound up interviewing many doctors and going to several practices. I was already in the seventh and eighth month of my pregnancy and we still were not at peace with the doctors we had seen. We did not have any idea who would be delivering our babies. Of course we were praying and putting our ultimate trust in God for the outcome. We took Lamaze classes and I was very firm about not wanting to have them by c-section or by induction. The medical profession considers twins to be high-risk, and doctors really want to control the situation in that case. Very often doctors will schedule a day to induce labor chemically and/ or schedule a day to do a c-section. I knew that  the Lord wanted me to trust Him, and for me, to do it the most natural way, as these were His babies.

We did what all couples do these days and wrote out a birth plan. All of the doctors we saw told us that basically the birth plan is “out the window” in the case of multiples. So we knew it was up to God, who says,  “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. {6} In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”  (Prov 3:5,6)

I was at 35 weeks when my water started leaking. That was the day I went into labor — five weeks early. At the time labor started we were at another  Practice. We had seen several of their partners. The most recent one was already somewhat familiar to me-unbeknownst to me. As my husband and I were interviewing him and telling him about my birth plan and previous abortion trauma. I saw a glint of recognition in this man’s eyes as I told him of the abortion horror that I had experienced. He said that it normally does not go that way and that he was sorry that I had had such a bad experience. When my husband and I walked out of his office that day. I had a revelation. I said to my husband “I think he is the doctor who performed my abortion.”  And  it turned out he was!

My feelings were very mixed up at that point. My initial feeling was shock and disgust, especially to realize this man was still practicing and was a doctor who delivers babies. I thought I had forgiven all those involved with my abortion including myself. But when I was faced with seeing the man who helped in the killing of my innocent unborn baby I had to ask God to help me. I prayed for God’s grace to forgive this man. And I actually had the opportunity to witness to him regarding the reality of what abortion is. I could tell he remembered me. He must not have encountered many like me who screamed their way through the whole abortion procedure. And as I mentioned he was somewhat apologetic about “my experience” — still not believing it was typical. I had mentally  blocked out much of the day of the abortion and did not even remember the doctor’s name. But when I saw this man’s face and spoke to him the light went on. I  could not believe it. I told my husband I did not want this man to lay a finger on me, much less deliver my precious babies.

But God had another plan. So the day came. The babies were on their way into this world. And who was on duty that day? Yes, it was the abortion doctor. He was the one who delivered my precious twins. How can the same man both take life and deliver life? I do not know. But I do know that we as Christians- Christ followers- are commanded to forgive. The Bible says that if we want to be forgiven that we must forgive. (Mt. 6:14,15) I do forgive the doctor and all the doctors who are murdering babies. Lk. 23:34 — forgive them for they know not what they do. Some do realize, but not the full scope of it. I also know that God commands them to repent and stop this shedding of innocent blood. And I am certainly grateful that the Lord gave me the opportunity to repent and receive his forgiveness.

The Bible declares that God is the one who gives to all “life, and breath, and all things” (Acts 17:25), and only takes it away justly (Ps. 145:17).   Jesus said He came that we “might have life, and that we might have it more abundantly”, but He also revealed that the devil comes “to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” (John 10:10).  As you know, abortion is seen as the norm now, and is treated as another form of birth control. This is product of the sexual revolution, which has turned out to be a bloody one. The children in public schools are still being lied to and taught that God-less Evolution is the Truth. So why should they care? Its not a baby its a blob of tissue. But that is a whole topic in and of itself…

Its up to you and me, to those of us who know Christ, to show His love, his truth, his forgiveness to this dark culture of death. The only way abortion will cease is for us to forgive, show the love of Christ, and confront these lies with Gods’ truth. The war for life is above all, a spiritual battle, and the most essential truth is first that the Father sent His Son into the word to save the world, and that by repentance and faith in him — who  “loved me and gave Himself for me” (Gal.  2:20) —  we can live through Him, and turn many to righteousness. (Dan. 12:3).

Finally I would like to end with a brief prayer, if I may, for those abortionists. The Bible says we are to pray for our “enemies” the unborn babies have no voice, except ours.  Dear Jesus,tonight are standing in your presence for for LIFE, life which you create and give. We pray for an end to abortion. We also pray for those doctors who are blinded by the god of this world- those who are taking innocent life. We pray for their eyes to be opened to your truth and that they would have an opportunity to repent and stop their bloody practices, and come to your to be save for all eternity. Also help our leaders to see the truth and change legislation for life.  Please help us to be witnesses for you and your truth winning souls for your kingdom. Thank you for the Grace to Forgive. We ask these things in your holy name, Amen.

Thanks be to God, and thank you all for coming.

Speech by Leslie H. Gydos given in Graham NC 1/23/10

“No Children Allowed”

“No Children Allowed”  is listed among instructions for women seeking abortions at a local clinic. Ironic huh? Well, of course no children are allowed- born or preborn. This “instruction” should be listed as the clinic’s mission statement, in my opinion.

The clinic’s “instruction” is erroneous, however, because children under the age of 18 may be accompanied by one adult female.  In North Carolina an emancipated minor may obtain an abortion with no consent. And some minors may be able to obtain abortion via judicial waiver or “medical emergency”.

In reading over some NC abortion laws I also discovered more irony. According to Findlaw; here is the statutory definition of illegal abortion :  Willfully administer to mother, prescribe, advise, procure substance or instrument with intent to destroy child or procure miscarriage.  Oops, am I reading the law correctly does it say “…intent to destroy CHILD…” Mmm…so according to the statutes that “blob” growing inside the woman is defined as a child and to willfully destroy it comes with the punishment of a class H felony.  Again the language of the law itself shows the truth and betrays the notion that the preborn is nonhuman, or somehow not a child, when it says “…administer to the MOTHER…”  From this language, it seems that I am to infer that the pregnant woman is in fact a  Mother already- i.e. before the baby,fetus, child emerges from the uterus!  If only women could understand this intrinsic truth. She is already a Mother, the moment the child is conceived. Whether she “feels” like she is suited to be a mother or whether she wants the child or does not want it. She, herself has had her life irrevocably and permanently changed by becoming a mother. And as a mother myself I can tell you, you can’t forget you are a mother, ever. Whether your child is in utero or alive or dead… Your life is forever changed when you become pregnant, regardless of the outcome of that pregnancy.

Although I find semantics entertaining and fun, being the daughter and granddaughter of English teachers. I value the truth more. And the truth is that is is a sin and a shame and a breaking of the law of our Creator for anyone for any reason to destroy life.    A woman who has conceived a child is a mother. That mother should never make the horrible choice to kill and destroy her own child nor should she allow anyone else to do so for any reason.  I say the preceding because I was a mother who did just that- to my eternal sorrow.   MY opinion, however, is not important,  the law and word of the Creator  is what matters.  One can read more about Him and his law and love in a book called the Bible.

Would that those in authority would read the Bible and could understand the evils they are legislating. Someday all those who promote and perform abortion (the killing of innocent preborn babies) will have to stand before the Ultimate Lawmaker and give an account for why they called wrong right and right wrong thus breaking God’s law.  Let those of us who understand pray for those who don’t, especially those in authority, as the Bible commands us.

Only the master linguist can create and thereby truly define LIFE>