Ask Forgiveness for a Medical Procedure? Yes!!!

Do I need to be forgiven for having a gall stone removed? No, that’s not what I mean….

In the past 44 years since abortion became legal nationally due to the Roe V. Wade decision, over 50 Million unborn babies have had their lives snuffed out.
As much as we who are ProLife think about those precious innocent babies. Do we stop to really think about those women who lost those babies due to abortion?
In abortion there are two victims. One is left living (usually) and the other is left dead. But the mother, who must go on living with the knowledge that she chose to terminate the life of her own child is often tortured. And many don’t realize they have committed a sin,due to many factors,including teaching about “evolution”. Our culture has called abortion a “Medical Procedure”. The truth is that abortion is a Killing. The killing is not just of the unborn child within the womb. Other deaths take place. Often the death of the spirit of that woman takes place. She is so wounded by the abortion experience that her life is altered forever.
Women need healing and hope after an abortion. But due to the pain, shame, and guilt, most women may keep their abortion(s) a secret. They hold in the pain. The pain does come out in many ways, however. These women often lose their relationship with the father of the baby that was aborted. They then may go on to have serial relationships which are unhealthy or even abusive, since often low self-esteem results from an abortion. Other women may turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. And others yet may harden their hearts and conscience and try going on like nothing happened.

The women have been lied to and duped by this culture of death. They are suffering and many don’t know where to turn for relief.
As a woman who has gone the through the torture of abortion personally, I can tell you there is only one place or really one person to turn to that is JESUS. He is the only one capable of taking away from you the sin of abortion. You see, when a woman makes the choice to kill, she has the blood of her unborn baby on her hands. That is innocent blood. So you see that is why you feel so badly. It’s why you need to drink, or do drugs, or have relationships, or sex to try to brush away that guilty stain on your heart and mind.

You cannot remove the pain, the stain; you cannot do it. Jesus can! He died a horrible death on a Roman Cross to take upon Himself the responsibility for what you have done. Can you believe it? Many cannot. It sounds too simple, right? Or maybe it sounds too good to be true? Or maybe it sounds like a Religion? Rationalizations can be innumerable. But Jesus is none of those things. He is a person. He is the Savior (of you,) if you will only call out with a mustard seed (tiny bit) of belief in Him, then He will show himself to you, personally. You can ask him for forgiveness. You need to ask. It is called Repentence. We cannot and will not be forgive unless we ask for it. That is the Free Will that God put in each of us. He forgave me. He will do it for you-when you choose to ASK Him.
The only way Jesus will not come and cleanse and forgive you is if you are unwilling. Some are too proud. Some are too smart or educated. Some believe there are many paths to God or heaven. Some think they are “good” people. Some just deny the pain away and believe they did nothing wrong, it was a blob of tissue and just a medical procedure. You know in your heart of hearts it was so much more.

I am so grateful that Jesus loved me so much that he drew me to himself with his great Love. He does that. He draws people through his Goodness and Mercy.
In our culture if someone commits a homicide. Lets say goes up to someone and shoots another person with a gun. That person is guilty of murder, and is punished. Yet our culture legalized, condones and even promotes murdering the most helpless people of all. And the only punishment for the doctors and women is perhaps a guilty conscience, if that.

I hope you will think about what I have said. Let it really sink in to your heart and mind. Maybe you are a person of another religion. Maybe you don’t believe in God’s existence. Or maybe you believe in many paths of righteousness that can lead to “God” as you see Him or Her or It.
Whatever the case may be in your personal life. All you need to do is sit on your bed and sincerely (verbally or silently) say “Jesus, if you are real, as others believe. Then please show yourself to me. ” He will begin in perhaps subtle ways to draw you. You will see His faithfulness. Open your heart and you will see.
It may sound silly, but again, it’s the mustard seed of faith. And He hears you when you call. He loves you. He created you. He knew you before your were born and even before this earth was created.

He wants to make your life whole again. He wants you to know His Great Love and Forgiveness. We all need forgiveness because none of us has lived a perfect life. And we cannot be good enough to earn it. It is through His sacrifice that we can make it here in this life and most importantly to Eternity with Him in Heaven. And you definitely want to end up in Heaven because that is where your baby is, with Jesus. The innocent are gathered around the Father’s throne in heaven. If you choose Christ you will be reunited with your aborted (unborn) child.

May His Holy Spirit touch you now, that you Believe this: The Good News.
In Jesus Name.

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My Inglorious Pro-Life/ Anti-Abortion Blog

I have been wanting to make a post lately. But honestly writing content for a blog about something as horrible as abortion is sometimes less than inspiring. The only way I have been able to continue with it is because of Christ and knowing that this is part of His purpose for me and my life.

I must admit that it hurts my pride at times to browse through other WP blogs…Seeing the articles on others’ travels, things such as recipes, vegan lifestyle,art, music, etc. etc.  The light content they write about seems personal and interesting yet somewhat meaningless. I know that what I write about at NC PROLIFE has an eternal effect. Even if it is to but one woman. Maybe she reads my testimony or my abortion acrostic. Perhaps a curious young girl will see the mysterious images of a baby in utero or the terrible images of a real-life aborted baby. Maybe something in these posts will make a pro-choice individual question why she or he is so.

I may not get any nice feedback or get five-star ratings for my articles or be on “freshly pressed”, but I do know that the words written here are truth and nothing matters more.

NC House Approves “Choose Life” Liscense Plates

The North Carolina state House has just approved legislation to allow motorists in the Tar Heel State to purchase Choose Life license plates to adorn their vehicles and spread a pro-life, pro-adoption message.

The House voted 70-44 to authorize dozens of new specialty plates, including the Choose Life plate, that require an extra $25 fee to purchase — with $15 going to pregnancy centers that provide women with abortion alternatives for each plate sold in the state.

Until now, North Carolina was the only state in the southeast that refused to let its citizens purchase the choose life license plate. For eight years the legislation for the choose life plate had been denied a vote even though more than 130 other plates have been approved.

This is an  awesome step for North Carolina and for the precious lives of the unborn.  I am so thankful. And I hope to go and get my plate this week!

Thank You for this Victory Jesus!

Here’s The Blood

I just saw a very disturbing yet very important website. It is called “Here’s The Blood”.  It shows live video of actual abortions. It also shows the dead babies in the pools of blood that come with abortion.

More importantly it shows the holocaust happening in “real time”.  When you see this video of babies being murdered, you cannot deny the horror and evil of abortion.

To see the precious little dismembered hands and feet, faces, and legs.  Whole babies, who could have been born in just a few more weeks….its sickening.  But I had to watch it. It makes me even more emboldened to speak and act on behalf of the precious innocent babies who are being slaughtered wholesale each day in this country (and worldwide).

I went through an abortion myself. I know first hand what they are doing in this video “Here’s The Blood”.  The abortion doctor had to “count” the baby parts to make sure he got all of “it”.  He told me that personally. I was dying to jump up off of that abortion table. But he would not allow me. He said he must make sure he did a complete job.  Well, actually he did not.  When I was sent to the “recovery” room of the clinic, I went to use the bathroom and found a piece of my baby’s skull that fell out as I was using the bathroom.  At that moment, it became so real. I had killed a BABY.

Think of our culture. There is PETA– People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. What about PETH-People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans?  We are all outraged at what Hitler did to murder over 6 million Jews. Yet we “Godly”  and “Christian” Americans have killed MILLIONS of our own babies since Roe V. Wade became national law in 1973.

Where is the outrage? Where is the protest? Where is the voice of reason pleading to protect the most innocent and vulnerable?

Our Country is called the USA. I think it should stand for the United States of Abortion. Money is obviously God in the USA.  Abortion is a huge multi-million dollar industry. Our country collectively has chosen Mammon as God.  Our money should say “In Mammon We Trust” . What does God think. I think He will judge this country for the continued bloodshed of the innocents.  The bible says “He will not hold those unaccountable who shed Innocent Blood”  Deuteronomy 21:6-9. (paraphrased).

The US was founded as a Christian Country. And we have not acted as such. When we have seen evil being perpetrated upon the most innocent of our society, we have done NOTHING!  Over 50 Million murdered since 1973.

USA- Prepare to Meet thy God! Repent while you can. Jesus will come as a thief in the night and his righteous judgement will be with him. Are you personally right with God?  Have you accepted Jesus as your Savior and Lord. You must do so. But in doing so you must REPENT of your sins. If you have had an abortion, there is forgiveness. No matter what you sins, God has provided the way of escape through His only son and our Savior’s shed innocent blood.  The Blood of Jesus will make you whiter than snow.

Don’t delay your choice for Jesus, for we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

May God help us all.