Abortion Kills Humanity’s POTENTIAL



911 Happens Everyday in our Country

The equivalent of the terror attack of 9/11/2001 occurs every single day in the U.S.  What am I talking about? According to Wikianswers  2,998 people were killed that day in the attack on the world trade center.  This number may be somewhat lower, if you include those dying due to complications of 911 (i.e. complications) the number is higher, maybe upwards of 4,000.

Imagine this a daily “911”.  There are more killed daily through abortion than were killed at the twin towers.  On a daily basis,currently, there are between 3,000-3,800 abortions performed daily in the U.S.  In our state of North Carolina there are between 96-100 abortions performed daily.

Back on that September day in 2001, we all saw and felt the outrage and the horror of the act of violence that took place in NYC. But what has happened to our outrage for the murder of the unborn happening daily? 

Let me hit you with this fact. Abortion is the leading cause of death in North Carolina, according to the State Center for Health Statistics, NC.  Number two is Heart Disease related deaths at 48 deaths per day and number three is Cancer related deaths at 46/deaths per day.  Do you know that abortion is the number one (#1) surgical procedure performed in the U.S.?

Think of those poor unsuspecting souls that were hit out of nowhere on that day in September 2001.  They were going about their business, doing their daily tasks when a huge jet crashed into their workplace, killing many instantly and leading many others to a more lingering and painful death. It is so with the preborn or unborn.  Those little souls are resting and growing, going about their daily tasks of cell division, swimming in amniotic fluid, and getting ready to be born. Then along comes, out of nowhere, the hard metal forceps of the abortionist invading the baby’s place of safety.  Most are killed rather quickly, though for others it takes longer and there is more severe pain.

Both abortion and the events of 911 are similiar in other ways. Those buildings in NYC have not been rebuilt, there is still a big hole where the destruction occured, the infrastructure was destroyed to the foundations. Those 16 acres are still a wasteland and a place of desolation.  And so it is with Abortion. Those unborn babies are dead, murdered in a cold and terrorizing way. The women (mothers) of those preborn children are often a barren wasteland. The mother’s infrastructure is damaged emotionally, physically, spiritually. Many times there is a hole left in the heart which will never be repaired, at least in this lifetime.

Today is a day of infamy for our country, as we remember the tragic events of 911.  But the reality is that every day is a day of infamy for the U.S. As long as there is abortion on demand, legalized in every state in this union, the terror continues. 

Wake up people, please. God sees all that is happening. He hates it. I hate it. You too should hate it. The bible tells us to hate what is evil and love what is good-Romans 12:9.

Let us show our love for these helpless preborn babies by letting our Love be without dissimulation.

God bless the families and friends of 911 victims and God bless the unborn and their families and friends.