Here’s The Blood

I just saw a very disturbing yet very important website. It is called “Here’s The Blood”.  It shows live video of actual abortions. It also shows the dead babies in the pools of blood that come with abortion.

More importantly it shows the holocaust happening in “real time”.  When you see this video of babies being murdered, you cannot deny the horror and evil of abortion.

To see the precious little dismembered hands and feet, faces, and legs.  Whole babies, who could have been born in just a few more weeks….its sickening.  But I had to watch it. It makes me even more emboldened to speak and act on behalf of the precious innocent babies who are being slaughtered wholesale each day in this country (and worldwide).

I went through an abortion myself. I know first hand what they are doing in this video “Here’s The Blood”.  The abortion doctor had to “count” the baby parts to make sure he got all of “it”.  He told me that personally. I was dying to jump up off of that abortion table. But he would not allow me. He said he must make sure he did a complete job.  Well, actually he did not.  When I was sent to the “recovery” room of the clinic, I went to use the bathroom and found a piece of my baby’s skull that fell out as I was using the bathroom.  At that moment, it became so real. I had killed a BABY.

Think of our culture. There is PETA– People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. What about PETH-People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans?  We are all outraged at what Hitler did to murder over 6 million Jews. Yet we “Godly”  and “Christian” Americans have killed MILLIONS of our own babies since Roe V. Wade became national law in 1973.

Where is the outrage? Where is the protest? Where is the voice of reason pleading to protect the most innocent and vulnerable?

Our Country is called the USA. I think it should stand for the United States of Abortion. Money is obviously God in the USA.  Abortion is a huge multi-million dollar industry. Our country collectively has chosen Mammon as God.  Our money should say “In Mammon We Trust” . What does God think. I think He will judge this country for the continued bloodshed of the innocents.  The bible says “He will not hold those unaccountable who shed Innocent Blood”  Deuteronomy 21:6-9. (paraphrased).

The US was founded as a Christian Country. And we have not acted as such. When we have seen evil being perpetrated upon the most innocent of our society, we have done NOTHING!  Over 50 Million murdered since 1973.

USA- Prepare to Meet thy God! Repent while you can. Jesus will come as a thief in the night and his righteous judgement will be with him. Are you personally right with God?  Have you accepted Jesus as your Savior and Lord. You must do so. But in doing so you must REPENT of your sins. If you have had an abortion, there is forgiveness. No matter what you sins, God has provided the way of escape through His only son and our Savior’s shed innocent blood.  The Blood of Jesus will make you whiter than snow.

Don’t delay your choice for Jesus, for we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

May God help us all.