Life Chain 2016

October has come and fall is in the air. It’s been sunny and warm in my hometown. Yesterday was Alamance County Right to Life’s Annual Life Chain. I was blessed to attend with my family. The Life Chain consisted of around 30-40 attendees, I am estimating. At first I was a tiny bit discouraged when I saw so few. But God said to my heart; “Don’t be dismayed- Where two or three are gathered together in My Name I am with them.” And He was indeed with us. As I stood on the corner with my son, I prayed for the unborn. I prayed that they would be safe in their mother’s wombs. And that God would heal our nation from the blight of abortion.  I prayed God would spare those preborn babies from horrific pain when they have to go through literally being ripped limb from limb in their mother’s wombs. I prayed He would take them home to heaven quickly. There they will dwell under His Throne and will rule and reign with him. I prayed for God to use this little chain of folks in some way.


I was curious when I saw the same van drive past us several times… On their third trip driving in front of me I noticed two young women in the vehicle and they both had cameras up in the windshield. Next thing I knew, they were parking and both came up to me. The young women told me that they were so inspired by the Life Chain with our signs and even the children standing against Abortion, that they just had to stop. The women were wanting to know what we were all about. I was blessed to be able to share my salvation testimony with them as well as my abortion testimony. They were visibly touched and one shed tears. It was a special interaction. And I pray those young women will come to know my wonderful Savior.

What an encouragement it was for me yesterday. And the Holy Spirit was certainly in attendance. Sometimes all you need to do is show up with a clean and ready heart and God can use you. I praise Him that he could use me in any tiny way.


Let’s continue to Pray to End Abortion. Also remember not to despise the day of small beginnings. When God is on our side, we are a majority. Keep doing what you can in your corner to HELP END ABORTION>















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