Hand Sculpted by God-model of 12 week old baby in utero

Ladies and Girls,

This is a hand sculpted model of what your baby looks like. Please ladies look at these photos so you can see the reality of what is growing inside of you right now. Please, Please, go and get to a Crisis Pregnancy Center where you can obtain a FREE ULTRASOUND so that you can SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES THE LIFE GROWING INSIDE OF YOU!  Those of you who learned Evolution (IT IS A LIE) the BABY is NOT a blob of tissue! It is a LIFE CREATED BY GOD!

You will never regret having your child. Will it be hard, yes. But living with the pain, regret, and the “what could have been” feelings is too much to bear.  I know from my personal experience with abortion. The only way I found freedom and forgiveness from the horror of abortion is through the atoning blood and love of Jesus Christ my Savior.

There are caring people (you can link to many on my blog here) who want to assist you if and when you decide for LIFE. Don’t be afraid. The worst fear and guilt come if you abort your precious baby. It takes courage, yes. It takes bravery, yes. And it takes God’s Grace to go through with an unplanned pregnancy and take responsibility for that little baby.

Adoption is always a great gift you can give to parents who cannot have their own children. There are open adoptions, so you can still see your child.

Please consider all of you options and do not do what I did.  DO NOT CHOOSE DEATH FOR YOUR BABY!

Children are a blessing from above. Now I have the privilege to know that. I hope you will also.

God Bless you in His infinite Mercy.

www.onetinylife.org (photo from their website)

5 Responses

  1. God bless these beautiful babies..unborn and born…and God help the moms that don’t want them….

  2. wow. came here through google images to find a pic of what my baby looks like now… beautiful pic. terrible article. however, evolution is a scientific fact. sad to see people still believe in the lie of christianity. i was raised christian, and gave up the faith at a young age. it simply made no sense, and no pastor or priest could answer my questions with any reason other than ‘thats just what it is’… they didnt know the answers because they wrapped their minds around lies. how horrible it must be to willingly live blind to reason. i will be raising my child with a sense of reason. oh, and dont simply reply ‘ill pray for you’. i mean, if you really want to, bow your head and chant to your cult god, but it wont do a damn thing. your god isnt real. wake up!

    • Dear Harry Reasoner, Jk…Ha ha…also love your email address, so creative of you.

      Well you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I used to feel as you did. I believed whole-heartedly in the reasonableness of Darwinism/ Evolution. After all that is what they taught me in Honors Biology in HS and in all of my Psychology courses earning my BA at University. However, through much seeking along with trials of life, etc. etc…I discovered that I was, in fact, wrong. I met the true and living God through the person Jesus Christ. He came to me, personally via his Holy Spirit.

      Some things go beyond REASON into the realm of faith. We are all given a conscience. Unless and until one finds God, the true God and Creator, then our Conscience is our mediator/ god. So as long as you obey your conscience and feel “clear” then continue as you are. I simply could not do that any longer. My conscience bothered me when I was an unbeliever/unforgiven. Deep down I was guilty of things I had done against myself, against others. I needed to repent and receive forgiveness. And thankfully I met The ONE who could do that for me. All it takes is the tiniest bit of faith. Question God, see if he is real, HE will show you, himself.

      If you want to read a more scientifically based post of mine it’s here http://wp.me/pjCpq-A.

      Another thought for you. Most of the Great Minds of our times have been Christians/ or Deists. Think of Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and on and on. Great minds study the evidence in Science of an Intelligent Designer/ a creator. The only explanation for and EX NIHILO creation is a CREATOR.

      May you come unto the Knowledge of the Truth through Grace.

    • I absolutely love your answer. Good for you (and for your child)

  3. That may be the size of a fetus at that far gestation but they really look nothing like that at 12 weeks.

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