NC Has No Law Banning Partial Birth

The chart below indicates for each state whether or not a so-called “partial-birth abortion” ban is in effect.The states listed below in gray have not passed “partial-birth abortion” bans.


I do not understand why the state of North Carolina has not passed a law banning partial birth abortion. But I believe we must do so.  To not pass this law is to basically leave a back door open to abortion through out the entire pregancy. This is unconcionable!

This is just another example of the sad fact that North Carolina is not a pro-life state.  I understand that the national PBA- law is currently being upheld, however, if we do not succeed in electing a pro-life president, it could be a matter of time before the partial aborion ban is brought before the Supreme Court again and possibly overturned. It is important that each state individually take its stand for life, by adopting state-legistated bans. With the election coming on Tuesday, I feel like I must hold my breath and pray….

Pro-Lifers: There is a lot of work to do!

Thanks and God Bless to those of you that are working hard for the lives of the unborn!


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