Young Woman Planning to Auction her Virginity

I am sure some of you may have heard this: A young woman named “Natalie Dylan” (pseudonym) is trying to auction her virginity to the highest bidder.  Why?  She says she is doing it to raise money for her schooling.  This, to me is very sad, to say the least.  If this misguided young woman goes through with this she will essentially become a prostitute right out of the gate, so to speak, and will be indeed selling her “talent” for an unworthy purpose.

A virgin selling out her God-given purity!  Only in America in 2008! Look at what we have become.  It seems money/ fame/sex  are the trifecta. These three are the all driving end and goal for any and everything!  People, I realize we are in “desperate” times but this woman already has her undergrad degree. Does she need to humiliate herself in such a manner because she can’t get a job unless she gets a graduate degree? I think not.  And I wonder, after all of the controversy  surrounding her currently and the imminent shame to follow; who will be hiring her? If she wants to use her looks and her body only, she may as well go on and work for Playboy or something. From the bits I have read about her, she seems to be an intelligent person, and so I really cannot fathom why she cannot deduce a more moral/ decent way to obtain the funds she needs to go on to grad school.

I really hate this because it sends such a horrible message to the youth of our country. It is saying I will give you something if you pay me for it. This flies in the face of God. God has intended that indeed both men and women remain virgins until marriage and by thus doing so, the marriage bed is undefiled. If you have slept with (fornicated with) others before marriage, your marriage stands a much greater chance of failing i.e. ending in divorce. There are many studies out there that prove this. If you don’t believe me look it up. An individual’s virginity is something that he or she is meant to give to the ONE person whom they (or more importantly God) selects for them to be with as life long spouses, within the context of marriage.

What if Ms. Dylan’s first union results in a pregnancy? Chances are much higher for conception with a virgin reproductive system.  Is she going to use a condom or I wonder if she is on birth control?  She can perhaps stay the consequences of pregnancy by using one of those methods, but she will never be able to avoid the consequences to her spirit, her conscience, and ultimately her future.

Even if Ms. Dylan gets her graduate degree and perhaps eventually her doctorate; the question that remains in my mind is: Can she live with herself? I certainly hope and pray this young woman changes her mind and does not go through with this ridiculous act. 

I pray that she will be touched by real love, that is the Love of Christ. He is the one who is our provider, our friend, our everything. I pray the scales will be removed from her eyes before she goes through with this humiliation to her body,soul,and spirit, which should be viewed as the temple of God and is not to be defiled.

And I certainly pray there will be no copy cats who think this is a viable way to get money, education,a new car?  Remember, the bible says to us that “… the love of money is the root of all evil 1Timothy 6:10.”  We are living in an economy that proves this, are we not?


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