Here is what the abortion advocates believe and promote-YIKES!

This is quoted directly from the National Abortion Federation website under the FAQ section.

“For activists”

  • Why focus on abortion?

    Women’s ability to make decisions about their reproductive lives is deeply connected to their ability to exercise self-determination. Abortion is one of the ways that women achieve this, especially when other methods are denied or fail.

    Because of its unique place on the continuum of methods, abortion will always be a critical piece of a broader approach to women’s health and autonomy. As one of the most publicly politicized and stigmatized options for women, it is also one of the most difficult and fragile.

    International experience as well as the pre-Roe experience in this country shows that women will seek to terminate unwanted pregnancies regardless of legality. Ensuring that abortion is accessible and safe contributes to an environment in which women and girls can be their strongest, safest, healthiest and most fully-realized selves. “

We, as pro-life advocates, need to understand the rhetoric of the pro abortion agenda.  They obviously are deluded and deceived into believing many lies about why abortion is “good” for women. 

They speak about “self-determination” for women. Of course we all are endowed by God with a free will. But there are many spiritual and plain ethical reasons why abortion is a horrible way for women to exercise their wills. They are promoting the idea that women should use their free will and self-determined choices to kill their own children!  What end is this type of self determination going to get for a woman? From personal experience, I can tell you it winds up in death,pain,regret,sadness, and on and on (insert negative adjective).

The people and women who are employed by or volunteer for the National Abortion Federation must not be women who have had an abortion. Because, I believe if any of them had, then they could not in any shred of conscience promote abortion as a good and even liberating “choice” for a woman. It is very easy to stand for something philosophically or ideologically, but when the rubber meets the road, I wonder how many so-called “pro-choicers” chose to kill their unborn children?  I mean, I hear many women defend their “Right” to control their own bodies and obtain an abortion if and when they so choose, but how many actually go the abortion route?  That would be an interesting statistic to obtain…

The death industry is strong and smart. They are not running things on shoestring budgets. They are educated and sharp in their stance of pro-death/pro-abortion.

We, as pro-life advocates must learn a lesson from them in that way. We must educate ourselves, do fundraising for pro-life projects, ministries, CPC’s, etc.  We must be ready to defend Life when asked a question about our beliefs. We must know what our bible has to say about life, especially. The word of God is quick and sharper than any two-edged sword. And the Word of God will not return void, but will accomplish whatsoever God intends.

The bible says also that in all things we do, that we should do them unto the Lord, with fervent passion. I encourage us to not give up, but pray for wisdom, strength, and power to overcome this evil of abortion with the word of God and by the words of our own testimony.

Every Christian should have a testimony. Do not be ashamed to share yours. God can use it. Let us not be ashamed of God nor of His Word nor of what He has done in our personal lives, for His ultimate Glory!


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