Big Dirty Business

After reading an article on the Concerned Women for America site, I became very angered. The article is about Pornography and Sex Trafficking.  The article states that pornography, prostitution, and sex trafficking together makes up a 4 billion dollar industry.  This dirty business is a BIG BUSINESS!

Obviously the lawmakers who should be writing and enforcing obscenity laws to stop this madness are asleep at the wheel.  In fact many of the “lawmakers” are also lawbreakers. Look at some of what has emerged about our top politicians. Former president, Bill Clinton. Governor Eliot Spitzer, and the list goes on… 

The United States of America has seemingly become the United States of Perversion. And does any one care? I do care, but what can I do.

There are women and children being trafficked as human sex slaves, in this country! In this so-called Christian country of ours; Horrible injustices are taking place and it seems that our lawmakers are unwilling to do anything. Prostitution is LEGAL in Nevada! Look at where we are, people!

I don’t think people truly understand what horrors are taking place. Especially people who are rich upper or middle class suburbanites. They don’t live in the inner city to see it first hand on the streets. Though it is being piped into their homes constantly via TV and Internet filth. To you, I recommend reading up at CWA-Concerned Women for America. They have done their research and have exposed in detail what is going on in relation to porn, sex trafficking, child abuse, abortion, etc. All of these things go together.

I am praying that our sick culture will truly wake up and realize that we each will be held accountable if we continue to stand by and do nothing when innocents are being abused and enslaved.  God hates what is happening and he will not allow it forever. Are we going to choose to be like the Good Samaritan or are we going to leave these women and children lying in the gutter bleeding and dying?

Please pray about what you can do. Contact your congress-people and senators. Do your research and vote your conscience in November.

I don’t think the answer lies in govenment of men, but in the government of God.

See link to CWA on my blogroll.

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