What is the Cost of Abortion?

Statistics show that since the nationwide legalization of abortion due to Roe v. Wade in 1973, that nearly 40 Million abortions have been performed in the US alone.

Do we ever stop to think about what the Economic Impact is? What do 40 Million Lost lives mean? Everyone is bellyaching now about the so-called Recession that we are in. But did we bring it upon ourselves by aborting our future?

Here are just a few examples of 40 Million lost lives as relates to the economy:

40 Million Children’s parents not shopping for bottles, diapers, toys, booties, school books,etc.

Fewer teaching jobs, manufacturing jobs, health care jobs to produce goods for those 40 million missing persons, to teach them, or to keep them healthy.

40 million fewer teens filling summer and part-time labor needs

40 million   fewer workers earning, spending, saving, investing wages, paying taxes, adding mobility, adaptability, productivity to the labor force; training for the latest technology and occupational needs.

40 million fewer in labor force whose earnings will not go into Social Security pool to take care of our senior citizens, when they can no longer work

40 million fewer minds creating new knowledge.

Who knows if one of those aborted babies could have been another Einstein or someone who would have created the cure for cancer? I know it may soud trite, but it is true!

The losses our country has sustained due to legalized murder=ABORTION, are innumerable. There is simply no way to completely quantify or qualify what we, as a nation, have destroyed.

So, to those who think there is no cost for abortion. Think Again. The cost is real and can be measured in dollars if that helps you to see it better.

Lives and Economy Down the Drain

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