Letter to Michael Spielman-Abort 73 Ministries

Dear Michael,
I just got my pro-life/ abortion testimony blog added to Pro-Life Blogs. So I am happy about that.
I stay in the Burlington/ Elon NC area. I am strongly involved with NC Right to Life and give my personal testimony about abortion to church groups and “youngsters” when the Lord leads in individual situations. I am in the process of getting funding to open a Pregnancy Resource Center in my area.
My question to you is; Do you need any more personal testimonies.  I can definitely send you an MP3 of mine and probably some video. Would you be interested? Let me know.  Has your ministry ever traveled down here? Elon University is less than a mile from my residence here. They have a huge Greek Life there and there is huge opportunity for this type of ProLife ministry there. Check out www.elon.edu for stats.
I had my abortion 12 years ago and I want to help anyone and everyone to never have to go through the life-altering and heart breaking experience of abortion. I was wondering what, specifically got you so into Pro Life? Your Church, Personal experience?…….
I ordered a shirt from you guys. BTW, I notice you use American Apparel. Is that intentional in the sense of ministry. You know Dov Charney, the owner/founder of the company has been sited for questionable personal ethics. Apparently, he has been accused of a lot sexual harrassment and even sued for the same.  I wondered if you felt you were possibly being a witness there via having them print up the shirts? Of course I am not judging Mr. Charney, but its interesting to have a Christian prolife ministry associated closely with a company like American. Nevertheless, I support Made in the USA and less sweatshop labor practices.
Let me know your thoughts about what I have said.
Please Let me know how I can further interact and/ or assist ABORT73 LOXAFAMOSITY. Sincerely,



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