Interesting “disinformation” on Wikipedia

I looked up the definition of abortion on Wikipedia.

I thought you all in the pro-life community would like to know that “definitions” and “information” about abortion from the ProLIFE viewpoint is sorely lacking on that website. Though there are some good stats and some real facts, there in nothing much about “Opposition to Abortion” (section for USA). Also there is lots of pro-choice propaganda about how Pregnancy Care Centers “lie” to their patients in order to “make” them keep the baby at any cost. They intimate that PCC’s are basically evil and have no regard for women only their “fetuses”… ( I am paraphrasing, of course)

Also there are lots of other websites that are dissing Pregnancy Care Centers. I think that NARAL and Planned Parenthood must have hired lots of computer-savvy “pro-choicers” to post up garbage about PCC’s in order to better hawk their baby-killing services. I hate to think of the search results that a young girl sees when she looks up the term “Crisis Pregnancy Center” or “Pregnancy Care Center” or “Crisis Pregnancy”, etc… Pro-Lifers should become more savvy about getting their websites top listing on Google and other search engines, because I can tell you the other side seems to be far ahead their “technological” skills.

So if anyone who cares for the unborn and has cited information about babies in the womb and the fact that they are babies and not blobs- I call on you now-go to Wikipedia and check it out add to it, revise it and change it to the truth.

Do your part. I am trying to do mine.

Peace and God Bless.


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