Abortion Acrostic by Leslie Gydos



A        Is for Agony, not for just how my body felt, but longer still, my soul, when I fully realized the life of my unborn baby had been taken from me whole.  

B         Is for Beloved, which is how my baby would be to me, but now I have not even a photo, of my child whom I long to see.

O         Is for Obligated, or pressured, as others helped to make me to choose to solve the “problem” quickly- my infant’s precious life to lose.

R         Is for deep Remorse, for yielding to the deceptiveness of sin, not just sex before marriage but even worse, taking my baby’s life from him!

T          Is for the Time, 12 years, I’ve lost with the son or daughter I should have had, times lost of joy and even sorrow often make me sad.

I           Is for Ignorance — mine and others — about what the consequences of abortion really are, of the damage it causes women both near and those that are afar.

O         Is for the Ongoing hurt that the abortion left me- of an emotional hole in my heart and persisting physical pain- all for acting not like a Mary but for murdering as a Cain. 

N         Is for No.  The word I should have said, when asked to kill my baby. If only from the Bible had I read! Of the Christ who came- gave Himself for you and me, that by faith in Him we could walk in victory.


And though I am sorry for that which was done in sin, how glad I am for Jesus and the redemption and life that is in Him!


Testimony Poem by Leslie Gydos: Read at RTL vigil 1/22/08



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